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Hi there!

My name is Ankur Tyagi and I am a leading Digital Marketer and freelancer SEO expert in Agra.

I have 10+years of experience in search engine optimization and digital marketing.

I am Google Adwords, Shopping ads and Google Analytics Certified Partner and have catered to the digital needs of 200+ small scale industries, well-known national companies and reputed MNC’s.

Freelancer SEO expert in Agra?

Search Engine Optimization is a technique by which an SEO Expert optimize your site in such a way that it starts to appear on the first pages of the Google and various other major search engines. Therefore, whenever a user or potential customer look for the similar services or products as your company is providing, your site comes up on the first pages of the search results. This, in turn boost your business and increases your ROI.

What does a Freelancer SEO Expert do in Agra?

An SEO expert evaluate, examine and make changes to your website so it can be optimized for search engines. Optimization of your website raises its page rank within major search engines. In other words, an SEO Expert boosts your business by improving the presence of your website in search engines. The job of SEO Expert has changed a lot from what it was a few years back. Unlike previous times, when there was only a few businesses operating online and digital world had less competition for keywords, nowadays every business is vying to establish its online presence and it requires a whole new and different set of skills to boost the ranking of a site on search engines.

In present scenario, SEO expert must be good at solving problems and making decision. He should have in-depth knowledge of the factors that enhances Google Ranking and ability to carry out keyword research, conduct on-page and off-page optimization and implement required changes on your website. There is no dearth of SEO experts in Agra who you can hire to enhance the ranking of your site on Google. If you want to hire a freelancer SEO expert for your business because of limited budget, you can do that easily, just follow the tips given below.

How To Find a Good Freelancer SEO Expert in Agra

Here are a few tips which can help in hiring best SEO Expert in Agra.

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Ask your professional network:

Your professional network is the perfect place from where you can kickstart your search for best SEO Expert. Ask the members of your professional network to provide you with a couple of recommendations for a good SEO expert. If you have limited budget or any location preference like Agra or something, then it will be good idea to ask freelancer SEO expert or best SEO expert in Agra. It will be best if you both ask for recommendations from your professional network as well as use social media platform for finding a good SEO Expert.

Tap your social media groups:

You can start your search for SEO Expert via. your social media platforms like Linked In and Twitter. There are several Facebook groups which can help you in finding a good SEO expert for your site. You must have seen posts from businesses looking for freelancer SEO Experts or SEO Experts in Agra on your Facebook account. With the help of SEO related Facebook groups, you can easily find the right candidate for your project.

Search for the best SEO Experts through online directories:

There are several online directories like Clutch,, Thumbtack etc. where you can look for a good SEO expert in a particular location. For example: If you are looking for a good SEO expert in Agra, type it on or any other such site, a big list of SEO expert in Agra will come up on your screen. From this list, you choose any digital marketer or SEO consultant that suits your budget and location.

Check the reviews about SEO Experts on third party sites.

Some online directories in addition to providing list of SEO Experts also provide their average price and reviews of the clients they have worked with. This way, you can hire a good freelancer SEO expert that suits your budget.

Check out the SEO Blogs to find SEO Expert that has mindset as you.

There is chance that you have made up some idea in your mind regarding the project you want to outsource for SEO but the SEO expert you have hired does-not understand this idea of yours properly. In order to avoid this from happening, go through the professional and experienced SEO Experts blogs and find the one that speak your language. One of the best sites to browse the recent SEO blog post is ALLTOP. Read the headlines and search the topic that truly relates to the work that you want to be done.

Looking for in a SEO Expert in Agra?

1.Experience and smart approach:

Every website differ from another and therefore need completely different SEO techniques for its optimization. An SEO expert should have enough experience to find out the important issues on the website that require improvement. He should be able to carry out in-depth competitor research and figure out what should be done to enhance the ranking of website. There are a number freelancer SEO Experts and digital marketing companies one can find online but before hiring anyone for your project, look for the years of experience they have.

As far as website optimization is concerned, there is no standard formula of SEO that has been provided by search engines. That is why it is important that you hire only experienced Freelancer SEO Expert or digital marketing company that has worked with different clients and handled varied projects.

2.In-depth Knowledge of different SEO Levels:

There are three levels in SEO First is technical: the structure of the site, it determines how smoothly or with difficulty search engines crawl and index the content on your site. The second is on-page optimization: Here SEO Experts uses keywords and HTML tags which helps in increasing the traffic on your site. Third is Off-page optimization: example link building

A successful SEO optimization of your site is done only when all these three levels of SEO are implemented in it. A top SEO expert must have in-depth knowledge of all these levels of SEO and must be able to advise you regarding their best combination for your website’s SEO optimization. While hiring a freelancer SEO expert or digital marketing company for your business site , always make sure they have in- depth knowledge of all these tiers of SEO.

3.A Good Record of SEO Success:

Digital world has become a place of cutting edge competition nowaday’s. Almost every business wants to establish its presence online to sell its products and services. An SEO expert should have in-depth knowledge of marketing strategies and understanding of the different aspects of web analytics for a successful web campaign.

Therefore, before you select a Freelancer SEO expert or digital marketing company for your business, always ask them for references and contact these references to ensure that whether the person or agency you are hiring is good at their work or not.

Marketing Knowledge

After sorting technical issues of a website, just like traditional marketing campaign, in SEO too you need content on the website that has the potential to attract the target audience by outlining the benefit to the user. The content on a website should be written in such a way that it can grab the attention of the potential customers who are looking at what your company is offering at the other end of the Google or any other search engine.

Therefore, always ensure that the freelancer SEO expert or SEO agency you’re hiring for your business site is marketing savvy. Only a person who knows the market strategies can make sell your products and services.

An Understanding and appreciation of your goals:

SEO is not just about conversion rate i.e conversion of a visitor to your business website into a customer or search engine rankings, it should be focussed on accomplishing goals you have set for your business.

Therefore, it is essential that you hire an SEO Expert in Agra that understands your goals and appreciate them. Only a person or company who understand and prioritize the goals regarding digital marketing you have set for your business will be able to provide you the desired results and help you in increasing the domain strength.

Ability to adjust With Your Company's Culture

It is important for SEO experts to communicate with different departments of a business including analytics, marketing, customer service, IT and sales. Therefore, an SEO expert should have ability to fit in with members of different teams.

Why Hire Me for SEO in Agra?

Here is what makes me and my team stand apart from other SEO Experts in Agra.

1.Organic traffic through white-hat SEO strategies:

One of the best sources of leads is organic traffic. If proper SEO is done via white hat strategies, your website will reap the benefits of getting potential customers for longer period of time. We use only white hat SEO strategies to enhance the ranking of our client’s website. And What’s more, if you have budgetary concern, we being Freelancer SEO Expert offer cost effective service.

2.Use of Premium SEO tools:

There are various SEO tools and resources that are needed for effective optimization of your site. Being a leading freelancer SEO expert, we use premium SEO tools available in the market such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Keyword Tool etc. so that optimization of your site can be done smoothly and effectively.

3.Use of only legit methods:

There are two ways of doing SEO. One is white hat and the other is black hat.There are many SEO experts in Agra that are engaged in providing immediate but temporary good result on search engines via. Black Hat SEO tactics. This strategy can cause the blacklisting of your site by the search engines and you can incur huge loss for your business. We are known as the best freelancer SEO Expert in Agra because we use only legit white hat techniques for the SEO.

4.Complete Transparency:

We maintain full transparency in our work and provide monthly keyword positioning report to our clients. So that you can check whenever you want to find out how your website is performing SEO for the keyword. Since, we are best freelancer SEO Expert in Agra, we believe in keeping our client updated regarding the improvement in their site.

5.Use of Latest SEO Techniques:

Google keep on updating its algorithm and with this the criteria for ranking websites on it also changes. We keep on updating our techniques as per changes made in Google algorithms so that we can stand at par with international standards and provide best Freelancer SEO services to our clients.

6.Extensive Experience:

We have been engaged in this field from quite a long time and have worked on diverse projects related to different industries. It doesn’t matter whether it is local, national , E-commerce, international or corporate SEO project, we can do it successfully.

  • The first and foremost job we do while optimizing your site is to find out your competitors and search for their ranking on Google.
  • Then we audit your website and try to find out what is wrong with your site and things which need improvement.
  • After conducting a detailed SWOT analysis, we plan a strategy to work on your site in order to improve its ranking on SERP

Apart from services mentioned above, we provide a broad range of SEO services which include:

  • SEO Consultation at the starting of the project
  • In-depth SEO Analysis
  • Off Page SEO
  • On Page SEO
  • Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Back link Analysis
  • Google Maps Listing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Meta tags relation
  • Content marketing
  • Link building
  • Technical SEO

Whatsapp Me: +91 8377874487

Package offered by Seo freelancer expert in Agra

Affordable/Cheapest SEO package Agra, India

KEYWORDS 30 20 10 5
Back Link Analysis YES YES YES YES
Competitor Analysis 3 2 2 2
Keyword Analysis YES YES YES YES
Duplicate Content Check YES YES YES YES
Google Penalty Check YES YES YES YES
Canonicalization 30 20 10 5
Meta,ALT,Title Tag Optimization YES YES YES YES
Keyword Density Check YES YES YES YES
Existing Content Optimization YES YES YES YES
Image Optimization YES YES YES YES
Robots.txt Creation & Analysis YES YES YES YES
Navigation Analysis YES YES YES YES
Internal Linking Optimization YES YES YES YES
Website Speed optimization YES YES YES YES
Webmaster Tools YES YES YES YES
Structured Data Implementation YES YES YES YES
W3C Validation YES YES YES YES
Broken Link Checking YES YES YES YES
H1,H2, H3 Optimization YES YES YES YES
Article Writing & Submission 3 per month 3 per month 3 per month 2 per month
Website blog post 2 per month 2 per month 2 per month 1 per month
Blog Posting(web2.0) 4 per month 3 per month 3 per month 2 per month
Classified Submission 150 100 50 30
Article social bookmarking 70 50 40 30
Profile Creation 100 80 70 50
Forum profile 50 40 30 20
Q/A 10 5 5 5
Image Submission 20 10 10 10
Business Listing 10 10 5 3
PPT 5 5 5 5
PDF 5 5 5 5

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